OpenPrinciples is a hybrid organization with the goal to help people and organizations be more principled and help the world find better principles. We also see OpenPrinciples as a social movement, which is about bringing an “open source” and evidence-oriented approach to the process of personal and organizational development with principles.

Our is a crowd sourced database of life principles, aiming at help people find most suited life principles. We currently working on creating an AI-Human collaborative process to extract and classify actionable principles from different credible sources.

At our OpenPrinciples Community and OpenPrinciples Bootcamp, we are teaching exceptional individuals about how to live a principled life. And we are building a community where we select the principles that suit our values and goals and implement them to validate their utility together.

Our Ultrabrain product is building an AI+human hybrid assistant to help people digitize and automate the process of aligning their actions with their principles.

Who are we serving:

For exceptional people, “becoming principled” is a lifelong learning process and a prerequisite for making a great impact. However, finding the best principles, adapting them to their lives, and remembering them are energy- and time-consuming tasks.  Direct sources of principles like mentors are hard to come by, and books or the internet do not always provide principles that fit the present situation. On the other hand, recalling information has become more challenging as the world has grown in complexity, and subsequently, so has the cognitive load it demands.

At OpenPrinciples, we aim to safeguard people against that. By strategically ensuring the effectiveness and personal fit for great principles, we free up the minds of the most exceptional people so they can focus less on lower-level thinking and more on developing original thought and building projects that do the most good.

Our Theory of Change

We studied principled individuals, drawing inspiration from Benjamin Franklin, Charlie Munger, Naval Ravikant and Ray Dalio, and guidance from our personal mentors to combat obstacles for mental growth. We looked at many methods and schools of thought to become principled and combined their insights to build our program. Which are the 9 steps to principled living: (1) Be Aware, (2) Understand and Believe, (3) Create Personal Principles, (4) Plan and Forecast, (5) Remember, (6) Apply, (7) Track Feedback, and (8) Iterate (9) Share and Educate. The figure below illustrates how our 3 products support our community through each stage.


About our team:

Who are we: We are an Effective-Altruism-aligned remote Team of 6 members and volunteers, located all over the world. We are also serial entrepreneurs with experience starting NGOs, and venture-backed, YC-interviewed startups.